Apostle Area - CRONJE JE

Apostle J Cronje held a divine service at Villiersdorp on Sunday 19 February 2017.

On Sunday 19 February 2017, the Youth Service for the Mossel Bay District was held at the Mossel Bay West Congregation. The youth were served by the visiting District Elder Daames from Riversdale. After the divine service the youth were shown a presentation about their upcoming youth trip to Cape Town. They then enjoyed a poem and a speech by Nekita. Thereafter, a group of youth brothers rendered a remixed version of "Shine Jesus Shine" and the sisters presented a love song to crown the month of love - John Legend's “All of Me”. A short fellowship was enjoyed after the mini-concert. It was a blessed weekend indeed!

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On Sunday 27 November 2016, the congregation of Bredasdorp started the new Christian year on a festive note with the visit of Apostle J. Cronje.  

As basis for the divine service, the Apostle paved the way for the commencement of the Advent period with a Bible word taken out of 2 Corinthians 1:20. 

During the first act of blessing for the divine service, 1 baby was sealed. The congregation’s pastoral workforce also received a boost as 3 brothers were ordained into the Deacon ministry. To conclude the divine service, the Apostle placed Rector Helper Priest Nicolaas Ward into well-deserved retirement.

Priest Ward was a pioneer in the Lord’s work in the area, notably assisting in the development of the music and Sunday school, as well as establishing missionary stations in the surrounding areas. His involvement in the music development extended as far as Riviersonderend where he coached trainee organists and orchestra members. From 2000 to 2007 he served as Rector for Melkbos Congregation, a missionary congregation at that time, approximately 15 km outside Bredasdorp, commuting by bicycle. 

His ministerial tenure stretched across precisely forty years and he has carried his responsibilities with great dedication and honour. Evident of this is that the Priest is still willing to continue to actively serve in the ministry. Priest Ward fondly remembers each Chief Apostle during his time of serving. He is especially thankful for the leadership of the Church over the years, a well from which he drew much insight, inspiration and strength.

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Bishop I. Adams of the Swellendam Bishop Area held the divine service last week at the start of Advent, on 27 November 2016, at Theewaterskloof (Misson Congregation of Villersdorp).