Apostle Area - MINTOOR G

On Thursday 9 March 2017 District Apostle J Kriel addressed all youth and ministers via the audiovisual network.

Although physically distant from one another they are together in fellowship.

Apostle G. Mintoor met with some priestly ministries in Nobuhle on Thursday, 09 February 2017. As part of the agenda he used NACTV and the programme “Behind the word” presented by Community Evangelist Markus Cromhout. It is important that priestly ministries understand their monthly divine service guide. While the layout is clear with a Bible verse, message and an elaboration, the context of the Word is equally important. “Behind the word”, presented on a Thursday, is a series earmarked to assist priestly ministries in preparation for the divine service the following Sunday.

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On 5 February 2017, Apostle G. Mintoor conducted in our Rosedale-Uitenhage church, a special preparation divine service for our Confirmands 2017. A similar group gathered in Aberdeen and Beaufort-West. Confirmands were encouraged with the Bible word, 2 Corinthians 7:16. The message was: The Lord and His servants have confidence in you.

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